Would You Like to be on TV?

I'm a former TV producer and still keep a toe in the biz. Why burn bridges, right? You never know when you'll want to return to an old life to put a roof over your head.

Anyway, keeping an ear on the goings-on, I heard of a couple of casting calls for new shows this week that could be of interest to you, dear dealers, junkers and antique mall owners.

The first casting call is probably more targeted to us. Coming from Doron Casting on behalf of the producers of Antiques Roadshow, the call is for a new competition series called ANTIQUE MARKET WARS. The show follows four antique pros (that's us!) as they search the country for vintage valuables. If you're interested, send an email to LAAntiquesCasting@gmail.com

The second call sounds more like a hoarders type show to me, but I could be wrong. Also from Doron Casting, this call wants "unique collectors" to appear on MY COLLECTION OBSESSION. They're billing this show as a documentary that will feature people with the most unique and impressive collections and obsessions across America. Send an email to mycollectionobsessioncast@gmail.com

If you apply and get chosen for either show, our only talent fee is a mention or two of Selling in an Antique Mall, the book ;)  And please feel free to share this post via Facebook, Twitter, google+ and email. We like these kind of shows and want to make sure they're a success, don't we? Yes we do!

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