Fall 2011

So, it's been awhile, hasn't it?

How are your businesses doing?

Is your booth stocked for the holidays yet?
This time of year typically brings all those hostesses-with-the-mostest into vintique malls to shop for unique serving pieces. So, stock your silver platters and serving pieces, pile in the sparkling cake stands and vintage china.

Did you notice?
The big jadeite spread in the September issue of Martha Stewart magazine? I'm not sure how much influence she has with younger collectors these days, but the article could spark a renewed interest from established collectors to look for new pieces again. What do you think?

Did you notice?
That film cameras are becoming scarce? Hollywood has always been highly collectible. Add technology to the mix and there can be a bit of a cross over. Keep your eyes peeled for old film cameras and reels. Once something goes out of production, it becomes more scarce over the years. And scarce usually means collectible, right?

What have you noticed lately?
What is selling in your area? What isn't?

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