Betty’s* Got a Booth!

Betty dreamed about having a booth in an antique mall for quite some time. She loves vintage stuff. She has a blast shopping for it at garage sales and thrift stores. And friends always complimented her comfy home and her talent at finding treasures.

Betty daydreamed about how fun it would be to make a living at it – to actually turn her passion into a business and some income.

One day while shopping her favorite antique mall, Betty plunked down her first month’s rent and signed a lease for a booth. She didn’t worry about where in the mall the booth would be. She just decided on the smallest space available. She didn’t want to jump the gun on a big space.

Then, Betty went home, inventoried what she had on hand – just stuff around the house that she had bought over the years, and realized she didn’t have enough for even the small space she just rented.

It was then that Betty started to cry.

*Betty was me once upon a time. I started in the vintiques business just that way. I fumbled and lost money, because I had no idea what I was doing.

I chose the wrong booth. I paid sales tax when I didn’t have to. I wasted enormous blocks of time and energy, when there were more efficient ways to get things done. It was just one frustrating misstep after another.

Not only did I hurt my profits, I almost lost my sanity!

Why in the world isn’t there a guide to this business, I thought?

That’s why I wrote the book. I had a notion that others would find my experiences useful and if it could save just one person the heartache and stress in the early days of the business, I would be a happy woman.

Thanks to our readers' feedback, I am indeed a happy woman!

Sue and I are contemplating a second book. What would you like to see covered in part two?

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Callef said...

I don't understand why there aren't any comments yet! This is a great blog. I do have your first e-book and found it well worth the $. I need to go back and re-read it in order to make suggestions on what else I would like to see covered.

Carol in Tulsa