Pleasing Every Customer Everytime is Impossible

As in every other business on earth, trying to be all things to all people will only assure that you're nothing to nobody.

Specializing in a specific business niche means that you're an expert - or becoming an expert, in that specific niche. Selling retail merchandise is a huge business umbrella with many, many niches tucked underneath.
Vintiques are a Retail Niche
Vintiques are a more narrow niche within retail sales. The bulk of our merchandise is old and used with a certain history and patina. What a good majority of newbie dealers fail to realize is that inside that vintique retail niche are smaller, distinct niches like:
  • mantiques (vintiques that appeal especially to men)
  • shabby chic
  • Victorian
  • lodge
  • cowboy/western
  • rustic
  • mid-century modern
  • country
  • old world
Some niches work well together
Cowboy and mantiques, for instance, could work together in one booth. So, too, could old world and shabby chic. Victorian with lodge, however, probably isn't the best combination.

Some dealers will drill even deeper into their distinct niches. A mid-century modern dealer may only carry furniture and lamps while another will stock nothing but dishes and kitchenware.

Decide What You Want to Sell
Being certain of your particular vintique niche(s) and how specific you want to be within your chosen niche(s) are crucial to your success. It will help you narrow your buying. It will help you choose the right booth in the right mall. It will help you style your booth. Do it from the very beginning and you'll build your brand and a following of loyal customers very quickly.

Who is Your Customer?
If your booth is inside a mega mall, you cannot possibly lure in every single customer that strolls by your booth. Don't even try. Instead, your target should be all those customers who adore your specific vintique niche. Stock and style your booth to bring those people in and ignore everyone else. 

Boutique malls by their very nature are usually already very specific in style. For the best results in boutique malls, you and all the dealers in your mall should adhere to that style and broader vintique niche while stocking and styling for a more specific niche.

To recap, do not try to sell to every single consumer on the planet. Specialize, chose a vintique niche or two for your first booth to target your customers like a laser beam and watch sales soar!

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