Storage Units as Merchandise Sources

The perpetual hunt for treasures is one of the true joys of the business. I know I get positively giddy when I discover a gem of a new source for vintage goodies.

We detail several sources for merchandise in the book. One source, of which I thought was widely known, but Sue thought was obscure, is suddenly a hot topic on TV.

Abandoned Storage Units
If you loved the old game show Let's Make Deal, then you'll love, love, LOVE hunting for treasures at storage unit auctions. Be warned, though, it's an untypical product source for selling in an antique mall and we highlight the pros and the many cons in the ebook. And, yes, that was a not-so-subtle tease for all the great info you'll find in the ebook ;)

Reality TV producers have caught the bug of this fun source of treasure hunting. 

Auction Hunters on SpikeTV has two friends/business associates who target some of the pricier units. They're looking for big money, but not necessarily antiques. I've watched a few episodes and am intrigued how the partners judge the value of units by sight. By the way, doesn't Allen (left in the photo) look like Jason Dohring (Logan on Veronica Mars, Josef on Moonlight)?

A new show starting this Wednesday, Dec. 1 on A&E is Storage Wars. Alas, I'm no longer in the TV biz with access to pilots - so I have to wait like everyone to see it on TV. I'll be watching to see what this show has to offer in terms of treasure hunting tips.

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