The Debate: Selling New Items in an Antique Mall

Quick! Can you pick out the new merchandise from the old in this booth?

How about this one?

When Sue and I were editing the ebook, she wondered if we really needed a section on buying wholesale merchandise. The book, after all, was about selling vintiques. "Well," I argued, "Some of the most revered and studied shopkeepers being written about in shelter mags mix in a healthy selection of brand new merchandise."

Take the fabulous Ms. Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa. Now, granted, she is not selling in an antique mall. Nor does she claim to be a vintiques dealer. However, many of us envy her {I'm raising my hand.} and would give a left ovary to have a beautiful, successful business like hers. While her shop is filled with coveted things, her merchandise mix includes a lot of new items.

So, I thought we should keep the information on buying and stocking wholesale products in the book. And, in the end, we did.

Remember, though:
  • A small booth in an antique mall must have a vastly different merchandise mix than a 2,000 sq.ft. gift shop.
  • Customers come to antique malls for vintiques. If all they find is brand new tchotchkes, we'll lose our brand and the very reason customers come to us in the first place.
Does that mean you can't buy and stock wholesale merchandise in an antique mall? Nope. You can and, as the photos above show, many do.

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