The First Step to Selling in an Antique Mall

So, you want to set up shop inside an antique mall? Good for you. Not only is it an inexpensive and low risk way to get into the antique business, it can produce a nice income for you.

A typical beginner mistake is to assume that any booth in any antique mall will do. Not true. Careful consideration of the options available to you can result in more sales and a stronger business from the get go.

Step One is Finding the Right Mall for You

First, decide which type of mall you'd prefer. Most malls are either really huge (mega malls) or small (boutique malls) with just a few that are somewhere in between.

Boutique malls are generally very specialized - shabby chic, mantiques, Euro, country, rusty. Boutique malls with various specialties are often grouped together, lining quaint old Main Streets. Some areas get fabulous coverage in shelter magazines that lure shoppers from all across the country. Most benefit from word of mouth praise that bring more local customers. If you find a well situated boutique mall to fit your product style and they'll have you as a seller, consider yourself fortunate.

That said, don't discount mega malls. Mega malls generally have a little bit of everything and attract the die hard vintique shoppers. Those shoppers can be interior designers (amateur and professional), prop hunters - people who look for treasures that they then sell or rent to Hollywood, and collectors determined to own every version of their obsession.

Ultimately, what you stock in terms of merchandise will be determined by the mall you select, the rules dictated by that mall and the booth position inside that mall.

We'll talk more about booth location next time.

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